A number of Bribery Cases are going to be withdrawn


Attorney General Dapula de Livera PC has informed the IGP that investigations into the sale of shares in Swarnavahini are incomplete and the investigation file has been returned.

Personal Assistant to the Attorney General Nishara Jayaratne said that the Attorney General has instructed the IGP to conduct further investigations into the incident.

Nishara Jayaratne further said that the Attorney General had informed the IGP that legal action could not be taken based on the investigation and had instructed him on the procedures required for further investigations.

Meanwhile, the new administration of the Bribery Commission has taken a policy decision to withdraw about 45 cases filed in the past without the prior approval of the three Commissioners, including the Chairman, a President’s Counsel told the Colombo Magistrate’s Court.

The announcement was made by Shavindra Fernando, PC, who appeared for Anil Koswatte, the former Chairman of Laksala. The President’s Counsel told the court that the Supreme Court’s decision in the “Anoma Polwatta” case had made it illegal for the three members of the Bribery Commission to file cases without full approval.

Following the verdict, the three members of the Bribery Commission, including the new Chairman, have decided to withdraw cases filed without the full consent of the three members, including the chairman, said the President’s Counsel.

Under this, about 45 bribery cases filed in the past are to be withdrawn, said President’s Counsel Shavindra Fernando. The Bribery Commission official stated that she has not yet been instructed to withdraw the case which is currently pending in the courts.

Accordingly, Colombo Chief Magistrate Buddhika Sri Ragala ordered the case to be re-called on June 4 and directed the Bribery Commission’s counsel to inform the court whether the case would continue on that day.

The Bribery Commission had filed the case against four suspects, including former Laksala Chairman Anil Koswatte, during the last good governance government, alleging that they had committed an offense under the Bribery Act by not following the government’s procurement process in constructing a stall belonging to Laksala.


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