World Happiness Index: Sri Lanka among the 20 most unhappy countries


The Global Happiness Report, comprising 149 countries, was released yesterday. Accordingly, Sri Lanka is ranked 129th out of 149 countries.

Among its neighbors, India (139) has the second lowest value on record, followed by Afghanistan.

The World Happiness Report is released by the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Compared to the last few years, Sri Lanka is showing some backwardness. Sri Lanka, which was ranked 116th in 2018, has fallen to 130th in 2020 and to 129th in 2021.

The situation in Sri Lanka according to the final reports

Finland finished first this year with 7.842 bonus points. Finland has held that position for four consecutive years with this record.

The top five places with Finland are Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands. Pakistan ranks 105th and Bangladesh ranks 101st. The United States is ranked 19th, China 84th, France 21st, Germany and Great Britain 13th and 17th respectively. Russia is ranked 76th.

Countries lower than India but below Afghanistan are Burundi, Yemen, Tanzania, Haiti, Malawi, Lesotho, Botswana, Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

“Even before the Kovid epidemic, the countries at the top of this list remained the top countries. So there has been a slight change in the overall rankings. High countries already have high levels of confidence and low levels of inequality. Both have managed to keep the mortality rate low and maintain a high level of social coexistence, ” the report said.

Overall, the report aims to measure two factors in a year devastated by the epidemic. What is the government’s response to the lives of those people and the epidemic?

“World Happiness Report 2021 focuses on the impact of COVID-19 and how people around the world are facing it. “Our goal was twofold, first to focus on the impact of COVID-19 on the structure and quality of people’s lives, and secondly, to describe and evaluate how governments around the world have dealt with the epidemic. In particular, we seek to explain why some countries did so better than others, ”the report said.


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