President Rajapaksa warns to Media


Sri Lankan President Retired Army Colonel Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said in Nuwara Eliya today that those in the ‘media mafia’ will not be allowed to rule governments.

He said he “knew how to teach them a lesson if necessary”. He warned that legal action would be taken if media freedom was abused.

The President said that media freedom does not mean ‘freedom of owners’, but if a country operates on the interests of media owners it should be called a mafia.

“Sri Lanka has no kings or maharajas. The Maharaja has come from India. ”

He also said that during his 14 months in office, the President had ensured media freedom without interfering with any media institution. But he forgot that he has been in office for 16 months now.

However, the President pointed out that a group that had acted against the country during the war is working against the government’s programs.


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