Agrees on same-sex relationships, but opposes marriage: Catholic Church


The Vatican has said in a statement that the Catholic Church does not approve of same-sex marriage. According to the statement the pope has endorsed the decision.

The church points out that homosexuality can be described as a person’s will, but such a marriage cannot be approved. A statement from the Vatican said, « Marriage can only take place between a man and a woman. »

Pope Benedict XVI has supported gay couples’ right to civil legal protection since he was born in Argentina, but has always opposed same-sex marriage.

He has held meetings with gay couples and in 2013 made the public statement “Who am I to judge” about homosexuals trying to live according to church rules.

The Catholic Church has acknowledged that homosexuality is not inherently sinful, while banning homosexual acts.

A Pew research survey last year found that the majority of Catholics in the United States and Western Europe approve of same-sex marriage, while the majority of countries in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union oppose it.

However, about 9% of the world’s population is now identified as having similar interests.


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