Yoshitha Rajapaksa’s Parliament visit: General Secretary and Serjeant-at-Arms received him with honors


Former Navy Lieutenant Yoshitha Rajapaksa, the son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, arrived in Parliament today.

Dhammika Dasanayake and Parliamentary Serjeant-at-Arms Narendra Fernando arrived at the VIP Gate of the Parliament and received Yoshitha Rajapaksa with honors.

Serjeant-at-Arms Narendra Fernando greeted Yoshitha Rajapaksa and stood by Rajapaksa, guiding him.

The two of highest posts in the public service, the Secretary General of Parliament and the Serjeant-at-Arms, are generally the procedure followed in welcoming visitors to Parliament. Accordingly, according to the hierarchy and protocols, they come to receive officers who are equal to or superior to them, and Deputy or Assistant Secretaries are assigned to welcome persons who come from outside, considering the conditions of the protocols.

However, this incident is not because of the actions of Dhammika Dasanayake or Narendra Fernando, but because of the actions of the Secretary General of Parliament and the Serjeant-at-Arms. While individuals may have personal inclinations or fear biases, positions can only have methods. If a person named Narendra Fernando wants to pay homage to Yoshitha Rajapaksa, he can do so in person, but while performing his duties as the Serjeant-at-Arms of Parliament and wearing that uniform, he cannot pay homage to persons below him, offer gifts or wear robes.

Similar conditions existed in the first Rajapaksa decade and the second phase is now in full swing.


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